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Judith - Personal Training '21

"I highly recommend ROOTS for its personal training. I trained there for over a year and my experience was fantastic. The ROOTS gym in general has a very welcoming atmosphere. Both the trainers and clients using the space always seem to be having a good time. The space is clean, well-equipped, and has good music! I built up a great relationship with my trainer, Anne Lotte, she really listened to my aims and concerns and developed a program that was constantly adapting to my level and changing situation. I was focusing on building strength while working around some existing injuries. Thanks to my training with her, many exercises that were painful and difficult for me in the past are things I can now approach with confidence. She also explained the rationale behind the exercises and routines, which helped me to understand how and when I should push my body and when it was important to ease off. I learnt a lot in each session, it was always fun, even when it was difficult, and I looked forward to them each weekend."
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